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Here’s What People Are Saying:

“Working with Eric was an absolute delight. Eric’s empathy and care for others is evident from your first interaction. He’s a connector, deeply driven by his mission and a joy to be with."

Simon Curran

SVP at Rokt

“Eric has clear energy. When I’m speaking with him, his energy helps me to navigate my mind for “CREATION”. I stop thinking about problems, and obstacles, and I see others can start to feel themselves as entrepreneurs, as creators."

David Loloav

CEO Salad Media

"Eric's work to create conscious communities is bridging together people from various fields that might not otherwise find one another across disciplines, and thought processes is pioneering creativity at scale."


Mixed Media Artist

"Erics greatest ability is to build trust very quickly with extremely impactful people who are open and willing to explore what is possible in the world even in a guarded environment he can create engagement by earning their attention."

Jared Yelin

Founder of Project 10k

“Eric is well balanced like his name. In Both masculine and feminine, a true rarity. An absolute go-getter and at peace in his being, with strength in his vulnerable actions to create. A role model to men and a safe space for women. Just a beautiful soul that shines through. Keep being."

Brad Jameston


"Eric is a powerful, beautiful brother, that has the ability to really speak from the heart and share his feelings, authentically and deeply. His brilliance is to hear what is being said and ground it into real-world applications that support others in realizing and implementing their own genius."

Lee Davy

Founder Origen

"Eric has a Unique ability to rally people around a common cause.”

Richie Norton

Author - Anti Time Management

"Recently Eric Balance of Resilent Minds interviewed me and it was a delight. It’s rare to find such a leader of depth and sincerity that cares about the big picture and works to support those whom make a difference. Eric asks the real heart questions that express our unique and most potent gifts"

Satyen Raja

CEO WarriorSage